Value based weight management for children with BMI >98th centile using virtual ward and wearable technology.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Dr Sian Moynihan, Clinical Director Children, Young People and Families Health Directorate


The All Wales Weight Management Pathway Guidance for Children, Young People and Families  2022 state that service delivery has to be person centred, coordinated, focused on long term and support for on-going weight management journey.


We will Implement a new service model of delivery which is innovative and embraces technology. We aim to increase capacity to monitor required number of outpatient reviews without increasing staffing.


This virtual ward interfacing is new. Patient focused goal setting will be shared on a platform supported by the virtual ward software and can be  accessed by professional if given  consent  to do so by patient. The patient decides who can access it for a limited time period. An informed consent process will be undertaken by the team to ensure families understand and  consent to their information being captured and shared with professionals in this way. A data protection Impact assessment is core to the project. Patient choice with  informed consent will be supported for a  wearable that is interfaced or a non interfaced, or paper based goal setting. PROM will be core part of the project as well as analysis of effectiveness of reaching prudent and value based health care goals for the service.

Expected Benefits

Increase efficiency of monitoring for child, family and professional- easy data capture and reporting. Enabling triage of which children under follow up require professional direct contact at an appropriate frequency. Enable access to technology that support health changing behaviors that boost wellness to children and families that is consistent with their goal setting and support needs while empowering child and family to continue self-monitoring after discharge.