Visioning a different care workforce in Pembrokeshire

Rachel Gibby

Background to the Project

In Pembrokeshire we are seeing an increase in the need for care support within our communities. However, like most of the United Kingdom we face a challenging time for recruitment and retention of staff into the care sector. Pembrokeshire County Council is developing a holistic offer of social care for people living in our communities, supporting people to have a variety of choice and choose the right type of care they need when they need it, through connecting with various models such as microenterprises and community connections, direct payments, etc. This project will form part of the overall transformation model and menu of choice being developed in Pembrokeshire.

The Project

The project is looking at developing innovative actions around shared priorities, working differently by collaborating to make the most of all skills and resources and doing what is needed.

How this will be achieved

Through developing a different model of care delivery for Pembrokeshire, across the three sectors of domiciliary care, day opportunities and care homes.  Creating more flexible care roles where people are trained and offered the opportunity to work across domiciliary care, residential care and day opportunities. Staff will be offered the opportunity to work across the sector in a given week and working in a more locality based method reducing travel time and lone working.

Anticipated benefits

We feel this will support using existing resources in a different way and recruiting new people to a different type of care role. It also has the potential of looking at the well-being and lone working of staff in the care sector, as well as improving the contact time with residents.

Pembrokeshire County Council is in the early stages of looking at how to develop a new way of working for care staff across the whole sector.