Will adolescents with Asthma engage with technology to improve condition self-management?

Victoria Richards-Green, Chronic Conditions Lead Pharmacist

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

This Bevan Exemplar project engaged with young asthmatic patients at a GP surgery to encourage the use of an app to support basic care.


The UK has one of the highest asthma death rates across Europe and the provision of care varies across the UK; Wales ranks lowest with 68% of people not receiving basic care.

Two thirds of UK asthma deaths are preventable, with the provision of basic asthma care stopping asthma attacks, keeping people out of hospital and saving lives.

Basic asthma care involves:

There is a commercially available mobile application that can provide these three elements and more.

Adolescents account for the biggest proportion of asthma related hospital admissions; as these adolescents embrace new technologies, healthcare services can use such applications to address health needs and increase the levels of basic care received by these patients.


This project fits with the prudent healthcare model


Did you know? There are departments within each health board designated to looking at apps and technology to improve healthcare.”


Next steps

Educational course

A complete educational course to help you manage your asthma.

Inhaler technique training

Learn how to take your inhalers correctly using our unique set of inhaler videos. My asthma contains videos for every inhaler device (and spacer). Access to these has been shown to correct 98% of inhaler errors.

Action Plan

The myAsthma action plan allows you to understand what medication to take and when. Patients who use an action plan, have been shown to have fewer asthma attacks and are 4 times less likely to be admitted to hospital with their asthma. Action plans help you understand the signs and symptoms that show your asthma is getting worse, and how to adjust your medication.