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A Powerful Force For Change In Wales

The Bevan Exemplar programme has increased the confidence, capability and capacity for change and innovation in Wales. Read more about Professor Nick Rich's evaluation of Cohort 2 of the Bevan Exemplar programme.

The second cohort of the Bevan Exemplar programme, evaluated by Professor Nick Rich, has achieved an overall success rate of 79%, with each project generating ?196,000 on average in economic benefits. This builds on the initial success of the Bevan Exemplar programme and demonstrates that this level of success is sustainable, making the programme "a powerful force for change in Wales."

Prof Nick Rich describes that the Bevan Exemplars have achieved three learning outcomes, as follows:

Learning how to do things right (standardising good practice)
How to do things better (learning how to innovate), and,
How to do things differently (challenging and questioning the purpose of NHS processes).
These three dimensions of learning cover both the ?process ?focused? Bevan Commission Exemplars and the ?technology and process-focused? Bevan Commission Health Technology Exemplars. The continued success of the programme is a major result for Wales and proves the Bevan Commission methodology and programme is a powerful force for change in Wales.

Key recommendations for the development of the programme include:

A call to scale up at Health Board and Trust-level

Health Boards and Trusts support the Bevan Exemplars scheme but more can be done to commit to the scale-up of projects beyond the parameters of the scheme. Connecting with Regional Partnership Boards and applying for innovation funding could be a way forward to expanding the impact of the projects.

Support for alumni for follow-on projects

Support could also be provided to Bevan Exemplar alumni to undertake further follow-on projects, capitalising on their enthusiasm and drive and recognising this as a future leaders network within NHS Wales.

Greater engagement with the professions

In order to spread the impact and awareness of the Bevan Exemplars scheme, more can be done to engage with the professions across NHS Wales, highlighting relevant case studies and connecting with the Bevan Exemplars alumni.

Joining up the system

There is clearly a need to better connect the various organisations and agencies of the NHS Wales. Through the work of the Bevan Exemplars scheme, the Bevan Commission is clearly well-placed to fulfil a connector role.

Focusing in on themes and organisations in special measures

For the Bevan Exemplars scheme to continue to innovate and make a transformational impact, the Commission could consider focusing in on specific themes for future calls, as well as organisations in special measures which require intensive support.