Bevan Commission Publication


Achieving Profound and Sustainable Improvement in Quality in Wales-An update and call for urgent action

In this update of its 2017 discussion paper which examined the issues related to achieving profound and sustainable improvements in quality, the Bevan Commission reiterates the call for more radical solutions and an independent and externally validated quality system across health and care in Wales.

In this paper, the Bevan Commission calls for urgent action to ensure there is a fundamental and sustainable improvement in the quality of care being delivered in NHS Wales.

It makes it explicitly clear that more radical solutions are needed, including an independent and externally validated quality system working across health and social care.

If not, NHS Wales is likely to continue to experience unacceptable shortfalls in the care being delivered to people across Wales.

Key Recommendations

The paper makes a number of key recommendations to address this major issue including;

all organisations and employees to develop and implement continuous quality improvement and foster a passion to deliver safe, sustainable, excellent care and services
the importance of the peoples? voice in the quality assurance and safety process, ensuring services and care are designed to meet peoples? needs
Quality Standards to be shaped and owned by everyone, (people and practitioners) and built into the day-to-day working of health and care organisations.
significant investment in leadership development and high quality and compassionate care at all levels to ensure NHS Wales becomes an open learning organisation
fast tracked services that are safe and sustainable which meet enhanced quality criteria. Quality Indicators must be focused on what matters to patients and their needs and given equal emphasis and weighting as Financial and Performance Indicators.
the amalgamation of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) to be given urgent priority and together they should actively pilot the approach advocated in this report, with a view to rapid learning being developed and applied across Wales.
The Bevan Commission believes that if the recommendations in this paper and the issues they relate to are openly and fully addressed, Wales will take even greater strides forward to having a health and care system that is a world leader in ensuring quality and safe care. Failure to do so will court the risk of further shortfalls in the standard of service.

The paper is an update to the Bevan Commission?s 2017 discussion paper 'Achieving Profound and Sustainable Improvement in Quality in NHS Wales' .