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Transformation from within-Bevan Exemplar Programme Cohort Four Evaluation Summary

Professor Nick Rich's evaluation of Cohort 4 of the Bevan Exemplar programme demonstrates a strong appetite for positive transformation across NHS Wales.

Like their predecessors, the fourth cohort of Bevan Exemplars have achieved a high level of success in the implementation of projects that have seen ambitious changes to working practices using technology and service redesign

Key areas of achievement are as follows;

37 projects were funded and the success rate of 84% was achieved by the cohort projects in terms of achieving their objectives within the timescales of the programme (slightly higher than cohort 3). The Bevan Exemplar alumnus is now over 200 individuals and their teams.
96% of Exemplar projects are directly aligned with national government goals and targets for improvement and achieving prudent health and care, This result is a very positive outcome and reinforces the continued investment in the prudent principles and the Bevan Exemplar programme itself.
83% of projects are capable of being spread to other teams across the nation.
61% of Exemplars believe the experience is better than any other personal development programme they have ever experienced.
Key Recommendations
To expand the engagement and dissemination of the Exemplar programme with key stakeholders, based on its high utility to the participants and their employers
To scale up programmes to a national level of adoption, including the creation of ongoing resources to support the sustainable adoption of the innovation by similar process teams or to allow an innovation to be adapted to a new setting
To enhance the business case development skills of professionals in Wales to justify improvement cases and the broad range of ?payback? and benefit that the Exemplars have provided
To develop an alumni package for past Exemplars so that they can maintain momentum for innovation and keep their knowledge up to date via professional and continuous development
To internationalise the ?Bevan wisdom? in terms of the translation of the Exemplar programme to be adapted for other countries and as a means of creating a globally recognised methodology for innovation and improvement
To formally document all the Bevan improvements made to specific pathways such as the critical mass of improvements that have helped experiments in General Practice, palliative care, working with children?s services, the use of information based applications and artificial intelligence, intermediate
care as well as many other areas in which Exemplar projects have combined
To enable people to be able to access previous Exemplar projects to encourage learning, adoption and spread