CAAI Methodology: A getting started guide

CAAI is a methodology for organisations and networks working in health, social care and wellbeing, developed by the Bevan Commission. It can be used to support the introduction and uptake of innovation as part of service improvement, change or transformation. 


Authors: Dr Rupa Chilvers, Sion Charles, Professor Nick Rich, Helen Howson, Joanna Brown

This guide introduces the CAAI methodology and provides some definitions and main concepts that are useful when applying the methodology. There are three further guides that provide more details about the application of the CAAI methodology.

The support for adopters and their teams introduced in this toolkit is centred around the Connecting for Adoption and Adaptation of Innovation (CAAI) methodology developed as part of a live national programme, called Adopt and Spread, completed in Wales. The innovations were developed by health and care professionals known as ‘Bevan Exemplars’ and were taken up by adoption sites across Wales. Each adoption site had a lead who was also a health and care professional. Working with their team, and with support from their organisational leads, adopters worked on bringing an Exemplar innovation to their service or the people accessing their service. The organisational leads involved usually work in transformation, innovation, research or improvement. The Adopt and Spread Programme sits alongside a range of other complementary or similar programmes, and learning from these was included as part of the development of the CAAI methodology.