Vision and Plan

Find out more about the Bevan Commission's strategic priorities

The Bevan Commission is an independent, expert group originally established to advise the Minister responsible for the NHS in Wales on taking forward health and health services improvement. It helps to ensure that Wales can draw on best practice from across the world while remaining true to the principles of the NHS as established by Aneurin Bevan.


The work of the Commission to date has reflected upon the challenges being addressed within health and the healthcare system in Wales and the priorities determined by the Minister. The Commission has been instrumental in supporting Ministers in their strategic thinking and policy development on a number of important areas, particularly within the context of the challenges of austerity and financial stringencies and in supporting sustainable health in Wales through its prudent healthcare agenda.


Since its inception the Commission's work has developed, adding significant value and impact to the work of the Welsh Government and the NHS in Wales. Its membership, aspirations and work programme have grown with, for example, establishing the Bevan Academy and the Bevan Innovators and attracting additional resources to support these initiatives. The Commission has also influenced international thinking as illustrated by the number of international health systems now seeking to emulate the Commission and its work. Additionally, the Commission has established firm links with national governments, academia and national health systems in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States of America, Belgium and Scandinavia.


The Bevan Commission has provided independent, authoritative advice and guidance directly to the Minister for Health and Social Services (now the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport) on matters relating to health and healthcare in Wales. The Commission’s firm intention is to provide advice more widely and make its expertise and advisory services accessible both within the United Kingdom and the international arena.