Work with us

Are you interested in making a difference? We might have opportunities where we can work together

Thank you for interest in working with the Bevan Commission. 

We are always interested in working with people passionate about making a difference to health and care, and have the ability to translate ideas into action.  

We do not currently have any positions open for recruitment, however, we may have positions open in the future including for research, digital and events support. Making connections, delivering an impact and implementing and spreading innovation is our thing. If you share these qualities and feel you could be part of our team do get in touch via email and we will be able to inform you when we are recruiting. 

We currently have short term and freelance opportunities on the following: 

- Supporting design and delivery of high impact reports, audio and video publications 

- Graphics and multimedia collation and editing for use across different distribution channels

- Research and analysis for key policy and practice areas in health and care including development of outputs for the public and professional audiences. 

If you are interested, please email us with your CV and a short statement on which area you can contribute towards and your general availability.  


Hosted and supported by Swansea University, we provide independent, expert advice on the best possible health and care to better meet the needs of the people of Wales.

As the leading think tank for health in Wales, we observe, interpret, analyse, comment and advise on health matters that inform Welsh Government Ministers and policy, NHS leaders in Wales, the UK and beyond. One of our keys aims is to work with health, care and other organisations to drive forward innovation and transformational change across Wales to improve and engage people in their health and care and deliver sustainable services.  

We are passionate about supporting people and health and care professionals to get involved and test out their own expert ideas and seek out opportunities to adapt and adopt innovative thinking across Wales. We love to make a difference and our team, based at the Swansea University Bay Campus, is forward thinking, supportive, adaptable, driven and great at working with people across NHS Wales and beyond.