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Apply now to the Cancer Innovation and Improvement Programme


Working together to solve the challenges at the beginning of the cancer pathway through to diagnosis in Wales

Application deadline: 27 October 2021, 11.59pm

Support and funding is available to teams across the cancer community to embed innovation and improvements that could make a sustainable difference to the early part of the cancer pathway, up to and including diagnosis, and importantly could help to address the pandemic backlog.

Applications will be team-based and are welcomed from community, primary and secondary care teams, and especially welcomed as partnerships across sectors and areas.

Tom Crosby, National Cancer Clinical Director for Wales, said: “We’re trying to focus on those parts of the pathway where we think we could make the most difference. Both difference in terms of benefit to the applicant but also benefit to patient outcomes. This includes encouraging people to come forward, awareness of signs and symptoms by professionals in primary or secondary care, or improving the technology or the efficiency of how that diagnostic pathway works. We’re very interested in ideas that can be scaled up across organisational boundaries and can be adopted by the wider NHS within a reasonable timeframe.”

The Cancer Innovation and Improvement Programme is a collaboration between the Wales Cancer Network, the Bevan Commission and the innovation leads/partners across Wales.